Sunday, 7 October 2012

eBroadcast celebrates 10th Anniversary

Hello friends,

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the birth of eBroadcast.

eBroadcast commenced operation in October 2002, after taking over the reigns of Australia's first EPG company, Sofcom.

Since then we've seen the EPG and Cinema Listings industry explode and progressively become more and more aligned with the daily entertainment needs of Australians.

Today, eBroadcast powers Australia's leading movie listings service, providing clients with 30 day schedules, online ticketing, multimedia and social intergration.

eBroadcast is also a pioneer in the mobile world, launching Australia's first EPG and Movie Listings app over multiple platforms. It remains one of the most popular entertainment apps available.

In the months ahead, eBroadcast will be launching major products for the EPG and Movie Listings industry that are the result of over two years of extensive research and development.

We'd like to invite you to watch this space. We're only just beginning!


Glen Murphy
Director & Founder, eBroadcast