Monday, 21 May 2012

Tablets now in 15% of Australian homes

A recent report suggests that while the take-up of tablet devices is increasing, traditional TV viewing remains the number one choice for viewing video content.

An estimated 15% of Australian households now own at least one tablet device, according to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report. Since 2010, the amount of people viewing video content on tablets has grown from 2% to 5%.

But TV viewing is where most eyeballs sit. Our average monthly time spent viewing television content via conventional TV sets is up by 1 hour and 12 minutes since 2011, now at nearly 100 hours per month.

The report also finds that almost 96% of all Australian homes have at least one digital enabled TV set and 47% have a time-shifting device such as a Free-to-Air PVR or FOXTEL IQ.

When we're on the go, Aussies also cannot do without their smart phone, with an estimated 48% of us, 16 years and over, owning a smart phone.

However, the report suggests we overwhelmingly prefer to view our video content on the traditional TV set - the larger the better. 96% of all video viewing still goes to the humble television.

Matt Bruce, from Nielsen’s media group, maintains that Australians' fast adoption of smart phones and tablets is broadening the viewing opportunities of TV across multiple platforms.

"Our Nielsen Online Consumer Report 2012 forecasts that growth of tablet use among online Australians will more than double this year to 39%, while smart phone ownership is expected to reach 64%."

"The rapid rise of these devices and new technologies is further extending Australians’ TV viewing opportunities, and our Multi-Screen report is providing media owners, agencies and advertisers with clarity and actionable insights into the way multiple screens are reaching and engaging with consumers.”