Monday, 28 February 2011

eBroadcast launches new-look sites

eBroadcast was the first company to bring us online TV and Movie guides back in the 1990s. As technology, and the way people use that technology, has changed so too has eBroadcast.

The company recently launched a brand new TV Guide and Movie Guide for the Australian market offering users simple and super-fast ways of planning their night in front of the TV, or at the movies.

With a team of some of the most exciting developers currently working online, eBroadcast has developed a range of new sites that embrace a forward-thinking approach to displaying entertainment listings.

It is part of a larger 24 month plan to bring eBroadcast to the forefront of entertainment content delivery worldwide.

As the first website in Australia to offer TV and Movie Guides, we have pioneered entertainment listings in Australia and were one of the first in the world to launch a television guide on the internet all those years ago.

We're delighted to unveil the new technology into the hands of our loyal Australian users.